IFAA Background

A key strength of the Fulbright Programme in Ireland and throughout the world lies in the shared sense of honour and pride in being a Fulbrighter. Since the Programme commenced in Ireland in 1957, over 800 Irish students and scholars have gone to colleges across the US. There are Irish Fulbright alumni in all the main academic disciplines from architecture to veterinary medicine. They serve in key positions in a wide range of professions including academia, business, law, and the arts.


The Irish Fulbright Alumni Association (IFAA) was established in 1993. The Association supports the Fulbright Programme and plays a key role in befriending and supporting American Fulbrighters in Ireland. It organises a range of educational programmes and social events for its members and for visiting American Fulbrighters.


Each year the Association holds the Annual Fulbright Scholars’ Dinner to which the current year’s awardees are invited and are officially welcomed by the Fulbright Commission. When possible, both the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the American Ambassador are present for this important event. Many members of the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association attend, along with distinguished representatives from the higher education sector and companies who have sponsored awards.